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Arrgg me Mateys! Protect your precious crystal whilst slaying skeletons right and... well... right. Use your shield to absorb enemy fire and dodge the bullets when it is down. Every tenth shot is a special shot that clears the whole lane! Defend your crystal and defeat your foes!


Use 8, 5, and 2 on the Numpad to change between each lane. Press Spacebar to shoot. Esc to pause and when you start shooting the game automatically unpauses.

Note: The game was made in 48 hours for the GMTK 2017 Game Jam with the theme of dual-purpose design. The bullets heal the crystal and kill enemies, as well as charging a meter for a special shot. I would love to polish up some stuff and maybe add sound to the game after judging is completed, as well as adding some extra difficulty. Thanks for playing!

Important note:

At its current state, when the player loses the game pauses and is not unpausable. You must restart the application in order to play again.

Install instructions

Download and extract the files into another folder. Run the executable and have fun!


plundering_pirates.zip 5 MB

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